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Seagate Backup Plus Slim Hard Drive - Silver

Seagate Backup Slim Plus Hard Drive Review

The 1TB Seagate Backup Slim Plus External Hard Drive is a well priced, tiny form factor HD, perfect as a standalone storage device or part of a long term backup system. I picked up a 15″ Macbook Pro last December as an investment in my fledgeling photography career. But anyone else who has a latest […]

Tusk Fuel Line Quick Disconnect

Review: Tusk Fuel Line Quick Disconnect

I have seen some fuel line quick disconnects on the market that are used in race cars when fuel lines need to be quickly disconnected. They usually ranged from $15-$25, which I initially thought was pretty steep. Being that I work as a product developer during the day, I scoured Mcmaster-Carr, Grainger, and other industrial […]

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