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texting during a meeting

Why Do People Think It’s Okay To Text During Meetings?

This one really gets me going at work. It annoys me in a social setting to see someone either not participating or blatantly zoning out mid conversation to check their iPhone. But when it comes to work, it’s downright infuriating. You know who they are. You know who you are. It’s after lunch and you’re […]

John Neeman of Autine Tools

John Neeman of Autine Tools: The Fine Art of Axe Making

If you’ve read any of my other reviews either on this blog or my other blog on axes, you know I have some intangible attraction to axes. It’s not a hipster fascination, I remember stealing the hatchet in my dad’s tool chest in grade school to go chop sticks and tree stumps whenever he wasn’t […]

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