John Neeman of Autine Tools: The Fine Art of Axe Making

John Neeman of Autine Tools

If you’ve read any of my other reviews either on this blog or my other blog on axes, you know I have some intangible attraction to axes. It’s not a hipster fascination, I remember stealing the hatchet in my dad’s tool chest in grade school to go chop sticks and tree stumps whenever he wasn’t […]

Review: Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer

Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer - Box Contents

In this article I will be reviewing the Wagner Flexio 590┬ápaint sprayer. I recently invested in one of these after learning just how much of a pain painting with rollers and a brush can be. Its a decent piece of equipment once you learn how to set it up and use it properly, but it […]

Review: Husky 5 inch Quick Release Bench Vise

Husky 5 Inch Quick Release Bench Vise

  I just upgraded my second hand bench vise to a new Husky 5 Inch Quick Release Vise (Model # 80-372-111) from Home Depot. I was reluctant to finally give up on the old Columbian bolted to my work bench, shown below, because I rescued it from my girlfriend’s grandfather’s workshop. It was tucked away […]

Review: Hardcore Hatchet by Hardcore Hammers

Hardcore Hatchet - Overview

  I had debated posting this article on Stormcrow Group rather than here, because it’s arguable whether a hatchet is outdoor gear or a tool. But because of how this hatchet is made, what I’ve used it for so far, and its company, I decided to post it here. It is truly an excellent tool […]

Review of the Fenix PD30 R5 Cree XP-G LED Flashlight

Fenix PD30 - Overview

Unfortunately, for me mainly, this review of the Fenix PD30 comes to you from a tragedy. I lost my beloved Fenix Tk10 flashlight at some point this summer. Although a bit heavier and wider than the PD30, I loved my Fenix Tk11 for its simplicity and the fact that it was my first “real” flashlight. […]

Review of the Black Diamond Orbit Lantern

Black Diamond Orbit - Open

I’ll be honest up front and say that I’ve wanted to buy one of these little guys for a long time. When camping, you sometimes just can’t have enough light. That is, light you can turn off when it’s time to go to bed. I held off on buying the Black Diamond Orbit, because I […]

Review of the 2011 SOG Flash II Folder

SOG Flash II - closed left

    The SOG Flash II folder (FSA-98) is a handy, yet sleek assisted opening pocket knife that works great for a daily use EDC knife. As far as tactical folders go, this baby is hard to beat. Both for price, quality, and utility. I wore mine everyday for 2 years. After I broke it, […]

Review of the Wetterlings Swedish Forest Axe

wetterlings axe profile vertical

A good axe in your hands is a magical feeling. It is one of the oldest tools known to man. Early humans created rudimentary axes from stone to harvest timber, process animals, and construct shelters. To hold a good axe harkens back to these primitive skills and instinctual needs. To hold a good axe makes […]

Initial Review of the Kershaw S30V Blur Knife

Kershaw S30V Blur - In Pocket

  I picked up the Kershaw Blur in S30V steel (1670S30V) as a replacement to my recently broken SOG Flash II folder. This is my new EDC (every day carry). I went a few weeks without a pocket knife, which left me feeling naked, useless, and well, altogether unmanly. I find that the times when […]