I’m a product development scientist who likes to spend his free time doing one of the following: fly fishing, photographing shiny things, hiking, trying to break PR’s at [ocn] CrossFit, fixing stuff, breaking other stuff, running around with my dog, or day dreaming.

I started this blog because there are also a lot of things I don’t like. These include: anybody who lists Twilight as one of their favorite books, people who eat loudly, FJ Cruiser’s, little dogs, furniture made of particle board, puking at CrossFit, and most of all, not knowing how to do stuff that I should know how to do as guy.

Lately, I’ve found that more and more of us men today are becoming less and less manly. Modern day living has provided us with so many comforts and luxuries, we, as a gender, have relinquished our hold on essential man skills. It’s time to take them back.

And what are man skills? Well since you had to ask, this blog is probably for you. A manly man would’ve already known the answer to that question. Man skills are anything, and everything, that a guy should know how to do. Simple as that.

Anything your girlfriend asked you to do once, to which you sheepishly explained that you didn’t know how to.

That easy task another guy asked you to help him with but you had no clue how.

You know, those sort of things that require you to step up as a man.

Learn. Do. Teach. Master. That’s how it’s going to be, gentlemen.