How To Replace The Flint In Your Zippo Lighter


It’s pretty simple really.

  1. Flip open the lighter and pull out the body as if you were going to fill it.
  2. Using a flat-head screw driver, unscrew (counterclockwise) the small brass screw.  You can use the edge of your case, but you might scratch it if you have a design or colored Zippo.
  3. Remove from that the long spring and brass seat. If your flint was just worn low, you may find it falls out here.
  4. Grab a new flint (you can use the Zippo brand or the Ronson brand) and drop the new flint into the hole that all this junk came out of.
  5. Carefully guide the spring back into the hole and screw the whole thing back into the body.
  6. Sniff the body for a quick buzz, or make sure you have some fluid in it.
  7. Slide the body back into the case.
  8. Give it a flick and bask in the warmth of your manly flames!


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